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Designed to help answer some of our most commonly asked questions. 

If you would like more information or have any questions, please email us on the Contact Us page on this site or give us a call. We do appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.

Q. How long can clients expect this service to last?
A. Thermal Straightening is a permanent service. The hair will remain straight until it grows out.  The new growth will need to be retreated when at least 3" grows out. This can be as soon as every 5-6 months or every year and a half for some clients.

Q. Can clients use Thermal Straightening on hair previously treated with relaxer products containing Sodium Hydroxide or bleach?

A. No. The hair WILL break off. If in doubt whether bleach was used or not, come in and we will perform a strand test.

Q. Can Thermal Straightening be safely used on clients who have chlorine, well water or salt water in the hair?

A. We recommend conducting a preliminary strand test first.

Q. Can heat be used to speed up the processing of the Part I Internal Restructuring Cream?

A. No.

Q. Why use a Rusk Ceramic Straightening Iron? Can clients use a regular flat iron?

A. Our ceramic Straightening Irons provide even heat across the surface, and are temperature-gauged to work optimally with the Thermal Straightening formulation and procedure. A regular flat iron does not.

Q. Why is it necessary to wait 72 hours before shampooing, clipping, or banding the hair?

A. The hair will continue to naturally oxidize and re-harden into its strongest state over these 72 hours, providing superior, long-lasting results. Bands or clips could leave permanent marks on the hair.

Q. How long do clients need to wait for a retouch?

A. There must be a minimum of 3 to 4 inches of regrowth to perform a retouch. This may be 6-9 months of new growth. If the hair is not curly at the scalp, every year-year and a half. The length of the hair will also have an effect on the length of time between services.

Q. How long after a color process do I need to wait to get this service?

A. 7 days is preferable, however service can be performed at same time to save time.

Q. How is the price for Thermal Reconditioning service determined?

A. If a salon is charging on average $45 for a half hour haircut, then they charge from $175 per hour upwards to $250 per hour for the straightening service. Some salons charge $100 per inch (length of hair). Our service is $100 per hour. 

We provide the best treatment anywhere and our clients come from all over the world as far away as India. 

The entire process will take anywhere from 3 to 7 hours.

A complete client consultation is recommended prior to scheduling the service (This is a FREE service). This will help determine the time the process will take, and will also give the client an idea of the cost involved.